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FastPaste is clipboard management tool for Windows. What it does is extend the functionality and storage capacity of the clipboard by allowing you to work with more than one item at a time. This tool will come in handy if you work with repetitive text strings and don't want to spend your time typing the same thing over and over again.

With FastPaste, you can store up to 30 clips that contain not only plain and formatted text, but also images and scripts, the latter being more complex text sequences that emulate typing and can be used, for example, to fill in forms. To paste clips into other apps, you can use user-defined key combinations, the system tray menu, the global paste menu, or the main window, where you can see and edit all the clips stored.

The app's main window consists of 30 cells,and there you can edit clips according to their content. A built-in text editor is included if you want to format text with different styles and colors, and additional tools to change case, reverse text, or insert time/date stamps are also provided.

Clips are saved into a project file with the .fp extension, which you can protect with a password, export to HTML, or print. Of course, it's possible to create as many projects as you need and switch among them easily.

One feature that would be helpful would be clipboard monitoring, to detect and save what is copied to the clipboard automatically, so as to avoid saving clips manually. Another thing to note is that the image editor found in other versions of the app is no longer present.

All in all, FastPaste is a useful clipboard managing tool that combines ease of use with a number of advanced features to help you save time and work more efficiently. It comes in two editions, and the free unregistered version can be tried out during 30 days.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Works with plain and rich text, images, and scripts
  • Easy to use
  • Lets you to store up to 30 clips per project
  • Customizable


  • No built-in image editor
  • No clipboard monitoring
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