FastPaste 2.6

A clipboard utility that enhances the Windows clipboard
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FastPaste is a clipboard utility that enhances the Windows clipboard and expands its storage capacity. FastPaste is a very useful app for those who usually work with the same text strings and need to have them always at hand. With a single click or by means of hotkeys you can access your clips and get them ready to paste in any application you use.

FastPaste gives you the possibility of storing up to 30 clips per project and, of course, you can create as many projects as you need. What is interesting about this app is that not only does it work with plain text, but it can also store rich text and images. That means you can load text with different formats, as well as several types of images and have them ready to paste.

The main window of the program shows you the 30 cells where clips are stored, and has a set of buttons to the side for you to edit them and configure their hotkeys and the pasting method. The wrench button is the clip configuration window, and it changes depending on the type of clip you want to store. In the case of images, the window turns into a basic image editor allowing you to adjust brightness, contrast, and even apply some effects. For rich-text clips, the window shows buttons to apply colors, change the fonts, and use bold, italics, etc.

The app doesn't automatically detect what is copied to the clipboard, so you will need to add clips manually. Other than this small detail, the application works well and really saves you the time you would otherwise spend typing the same things over and over again.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Allows you to save up to 30 clips per project
  • Works with plain/rich text and images
  • Allows you to configure almost every aspect of it


  • Doesn't detect the data copied to the clipboard
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